Why Are Aboriginal Art Dot Paintings Valued So Much

It is said that paintings are the best way to give your message without actually having to say it. Painting is the best way to confess your feelings without even having to tell somebody. The next person will never be able to interpret the meaning behind your painting as long as the painter himself does not tell it. Different kinds of people try to interpret the meaning of the painting according to their own understanding. This is the reason that we often see that the description about same painting is given differently by different kinds of people. This is the real magic of the painting that people connect with paintings in their own way of understanding even though they do not know that what painter was thinking while painting this piece of art.  Nobody can beat the creativity level of the artists. We see many different kinds of paintings around us which are categorised according to the painting styles used. Aboriginal art dot painting is one such type of a painting. In this article, will be discussing about the fact that why aboriginal art dot paintings are valued so much. 

Aboriginal art dot paintings:

Aboriginal art dot paintings are one of the most loved and aboriginal paintings across the world. These are the kind of paintings that are specifically drawn by the natives of the Australia hence the word “aboriginal” is in the name of this painting. Similarly, the term “art dot” is used to describe the style of such paintings. These paintings are drawn in such a way that only dots are drawn on the canvas but these are not just any asymmetrical or random dots rather they give a perfect final picture.

Why are aboriginal art dot paintings valued so much?

We know that the worth of aboriginal art dot paintings is quite a lot and there are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, the dots that are drawn with paint brushes while making the painting hold certain meanings behind them. They are like the little symbols and it is left to the people to interpret their meaning. People like to evaluate their own interpretation out of the painting. Secondly, these paintings are specifically drawn by the natives of Australia which adds a certain unique touch in them which is why people seems to be more interested in buying them.


Aboriginal art dot paintings are the kind of paintings that are specifically drawn by the indigenous people of Australia. They use the technique of dot art while painting in which dots are drawn in such a way that the final picture is visible that is purely composed by the multiple number of dots. These dots carry certain meaning and hold some symbols behind them. These are the few things which add to the value of aboriginal art dot paintings. “MBANTUA” is considered as the best fine art gallery and the cultural museum which sells the aboriginal art dot paintings.