Mental illnesses can kill. The mental health of your employees are very important because the productivity and the well-being of your business relies on your employees. The better the mental health of your employees, the better service they will provide. You should consider every possible way of enhancing the mentality of your employees. If you feel that you employees are suffering from mental or a physical illnesses at work, take them to the sick room immediately and give them the required medication.

Help your employees get rid of stress
Work can be stressful and high stress levels will cause loss in function of the body. The best way to get rid of stress is by relaxing. Your employees need to have free time to relax. Breaks during work is a must to give time for your employees to relax. You need to understand that your employees have a personal life; they need time off. Give them off days at least once a week.
Make the office ‘employee friendly’

Provide comfortable furniture and working spaces for your employees so that they don’t feel uncomfortable working for you. Give eye protection for the employees who has risks of getting eye strains and provide foot rests to maximize the comfort levels. The colors that you use on your walls matter. Use colors that will make your employees feel energetic and comfortable. Place a Nescafé or a tea machine in the office and water at easy reach so that your employees can use them whenever. You can provide a feeling of relaxation by hanging paintings on office walls. The painting you use on your office will brighten up the work area. Use paintings by talented and professional artists like the awesome Polly Kngale.

Lighten up the workspace
Dark workplaces will not boost up your employees to give their best to you. It is better to let in natural sunlight during the day and to provide a bright workspace at night. Working in light will help to concentrate more on work matter, you can also check this great Australian artists paintings for sale.

Recognize the hard work of your employees
The employees that work hard has to be recognized and rewarded. This way will make the employees feel safe working for you. Observe your employees and identify the hardworking ones and reward the most hardworking employee with a ‘employee of the month’ award or you can select a group of hardworking employees and give them a dinner at a luxury hotel or award them with prices. You need to communicate with your employees to identify their wants and needs. Listening to your employees will also give you ideas to improve your company which will lead to the up rise of your business.