If you ever happened to get a chance to work with designers and printing services, chances are you might some sort of knowledge on the process of converting digital images to hard copies. There are many factors to consider in the printing process, and these factors are often what ensure that the printed copies maintain the closest resemblance to their digital counterparts. Of course, when it comes to printing, most individuals would have worked with the traditional printing of images or documents, but it is wrong to assume that every method and type of print follows the same guidelines. In fact, when it comes to sticker printing, you will find that there are many other factors to take into consideration, and these are mostly related to the colour balance of your digital artworks. To highlight some examples, consider the following tips:

Method of printing – your average printout would be done on a normal paper or otherwise, by using either a black and white printer, or a colour one. There are different varieties of printers based on the different technologies being used nowadays, but the gist is that colour gradations and different shades are achieved through the mixing of inks. This is the principal reason why designers and printing services advise you to make use of the CMYK colour mode: opposed to the RGB colour mode, this can more faithfully reproduce colours when printed out.

When it comes to stickers, the CMYK colour mode is similarly used, but there is a difference in how the colour shades are achieved. Instead of mixing the colours together, adhesive printing makes use of what is known as a CMYK process colour, whereby small dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black are used in different percentages to recreate different colours. Beyond this, there is also a process where a specific colour shade can be reproduced; known as a custom Pantone (PMS), this is a considerably more expensive alternative and often used only in the event of printing large batches of the same type.

Balancing colour values – as a result of the above method of printing, it is crucial to achieve the correct balance in colour values in order to recreate the colours in a printed adhesive. Basically, what this means is that a poorly balanced colour scheme – which can and often does look good digitally – can turn out disappointing when printed. The key to achieving a good colour balance is abiding by not only the principles of complementary colours and gradations, but also correctly understanding how colours are reproduced both on the screen and in print.

Regardless of what kind of business you are carrying out, products or services, you will need to come up with great and innovative strategies that will offer great discounts and the likes for your customers at least on a seasonal basis. This is a great way to build good public relations and expand your customer base while also getting in some extra cash before the end of your financial year. Here are some great ways to attract customers to your business.

Give a countdown

It could be creative adverts on social media or sale signs for shops, you can easily give a countdown that will heighten the anticipation of the customer. Doing this will maximize engagement as well because the customers will know that something good is going to be on offer and they will continue to keep tabs on it. It also helps to inform people beforehand of a date for the promotion so that if needed they can free some time and come for the promotion. This will maximize the crowd that will come in as well. 

Make it creative

Instead of going with the traditional insignia that is related to a seasonal promotion get creative with things like opening door signs and others. Make sure that even in the way you approach and market the product or service to customers, you remain fresh and creative. The same old deal that has been offered before will get less interest as compared to something that is catchy and worth it.

Social media is your best buddy

Social media is perhaps the best way to get some cost effective and really successful PR for your product or service. But in this case you need to be mindful of the content that you use, graphics and the manner in which you plan out your digital strategy. If you cannot handle this by yourself get some good freelancers to do the job for you at a lower cost than full time employees and also keep an eye out for any advice that you may receive from friends and family who have the experience of doing this before. It is always good to get feedback from a third party.

Use excellent customer service

Customer service is key to anything. But here’s the deal, if you have not been good at looking after your customers consistently, do not expect them to jump in on the offers that you are advertising for. They will be reluctant because they have not been happy with your service beforehand. Therefore maintaining great customer care is one way in which you can guarantee increased revenues, if you keep doing it consistently from the start of your business.