How To Qualify As A Business Consultant

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Business consultancy involves developing strategies that helps businesses restructure for more profitability or overall improve their marketing or operational activities to name a few. As a business consultant you will have to get the necessary qualifications and experience in order to find work even if you plan on working on your own. Read on to find out the key qualifications that you will need in order to be a business consultant.

Getting a formal education

Starting with high school, consider taking classes related to business management and join clubs and societies to help you socialize and gain experience from the start. If you have aspirations to work as a business consultant, a bachelor’s degree in management or relevant field at the least is important as without one, chances are that your resume will be fall under a stack of qualified applicants in what is a competitive market. Booklet printing services will help you print your resume when it is time to send applications for potential jobs. You can further highlight your qualifications by specializing in an area of study through a masters or MBA program. 

Work experience

While studying or after graduating, getting experience in internships or as trainee consultants will give you valuable skills and experience needed to get to the top levels eventually. Having experience with reputed companies are often life changing and sometimes more important than any education or certification. Initially as a trainee you will be doing mundane tasking mostly that are administrative such as maintaining custom invoice books, as you gain more experience, you will be allowed to handle with clients directly.

Getting certified

In the business consultancy field, it is required to have some form of certification based on the specialty of consultancy before you start practicing and handling clients directly. For example; for small businesses, you can get a certification from the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants before you go ahead. Some institutes may require a particular number of years of work experience before issuing a certification so be aware of what these requirements are as it would depend from place to place.


Most certifications will require you to spend time training and also taking up a course before finally sitting for an exam. These training or review programs are conducted to suit your schedules and can be done at your own pace. During this time, you are often expected to cover through materials and tutorials to gather the most out of the course. Exams can be taken online; however there are instances when you will be required to visit an examination center in order to get the certification.